Peacock Encounters

Granddad Peacock struts near his 10-day-old grandchick.

Recently, my friend Terry and I drove from the Indiana Dunes into southwestern Michigan along the Red Arrow Highway (Route 12) in search of antiquing adventures. Our first stop, “Pop’s Noze,” provided a surprise encounter with peacocks – and not the jewelry or brass fan or figural pottery kind. These live creatures strutted their stuff in the parking lot.

“Pop’s Noze,” located in New Buffalo, Mich., is an unusual place. It features a huge industrial barn of a building, plus an acre of concrete statuary and a nursery overflowing with hanging flower baskets. As we departed, a pair of peacocks peaked out from the greenhouse, and I tried desperately to capture them with the camera. Result: only minor success. However, we were approached by a man (failed to get his name! ugh. I presume he’s an owner and my apologies for neglecting that detail … ), who asked if we’d like to meet a baby peacock (the “grandchild” of my photo subject). He wasn’t sure yet if it was male or female, but the peachick was mighty cute – just 10 days old and soft and squirmy. He told us they sell the peacocks at auction, but he didn’t know who buys such fowl and for what, exactly – as pets?

Good thing we enjoyed our moments with the cute fuzzball because the antiquing there was merely marginal for all the space the inventory occupies. It amazed me, however, how neatly the merchandise was displayed – color-coded and nicely stacked. Worth stopping, I guess, if only to talk peacock for a bit.

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