Color-spotting in Greenville

Some antique malls are more visually appealing than others and, therefore, just walking through the front door can be a wonderful surprise. Third Street Market in Greenville, Ill., is a case in point. This small-ish shopping gem, located 50 miles from St. Louis, features about 50 dealers, including booths and cases.

The first booth on the left, just as you walk in, is my favorite. This dealer puts the color in Greenville – and displays it all so cleanly, it’s a pleasure to browse the extensive space, which includes shelving, cases, walls covered with art and old signs, at least one rack of textiles and old cupboards brimming with fun trinkets and pottery.

Other booths are interesting, too:  old advertising, pottery, kitchenware, some furniture … a good smattering of the usual, and mostly quality stock.

Overall, the mall is clean (not musty or caked in dust), the cases are accessible and interesting (lots of jewelry here!) and (yes, it’s all relative) reasonable prices. It’s a quick jaunt, but always worth it, so whenever I’m traveling between St. Louis and Chicago or Indiana, I make a point to stop here.

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  1. oh how i love that “serve yourself” sign!

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