Booth Sense: Cut the Clutter …

Managed to get out this weekend for a bit of antiquing and found a fab vintage dress form. Plus, I bumped into booth (non)sense.

But first the dress form. It’s so tweedy and haphazard, I love it. I may employ her (she who will be named eventually) for display in my booth, or maybe she’ll just model various necklaces I’m upcycling. (Just finished making an unusual one using dog tags I bought at the Wentzville Flea Market recently. Funky, eh?) Anyway, I’ve been looking for a dress form for quite a while; yesterday, there were four from which to choose. My lucky day!

While I did find buried treasure, I also encountered a recurring frustration during my wandering in a Eureka (Mo.) antique mall – booths that show promise but are impassable for all the shtuff stacked impossibly deep. I know sometimes antiques hunters leave a booth messy (my own suffers the same fate), but these booths either had not been visited by the dealer in months, or the dealers must assume patrons are willing and able to navigate the sloppy setup. While we traipsed through the mall, two individuals in motorized wheelchairs also browsed the aisles. If I thought it was tough to get around in some of the booths, those folks stood no chance at all. I saw some things that piqued my curiousity, but moved on quickly after realizing it would be too much hassle to try to reach them.

All right, there weren’t many such booths, but those we saw gave us pause, so I’m putting it out there. Maybe there’s a life metaphor in there, too? I’m thinkin’ so.

Booth wisdom #843: You might think a packed booth translates into more sales — but it could mean less, for all the folks who walk past it rather than brave stumbling through precariously placed merchandise (no matter how interesting it might be).

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