Upcycle Story

Although last weekend was hectic, leaving no decent time for exploring the wilds of antique malls or my usual local flea market, I did manage to enjoy the rewards of someone else’s clever purchases and subsequent bright ideas for putting treasure to good use …

I joined two of my oldest/dearest/longlost friends for brunch at Cafe Osage, part of Bowood Farms in St. Louis. The whole affair is located in the historic Central West End area of St. Louis in a renovated auto repair building, (circa 1920), plus extended lots and properties. While the BF side sells all things lush and lovely, as you might expect from a popular urban nursery, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and “afternoon” (finger sandwiches, teas and desserts). The natural light, soaring (and leaky! it had just rained and buckets were all around) windows, cozy nooks, exposed brick and major wooden doors were delightful, as was the food. The plants were gorgeous, especially in such a chippy/chinked/rustic setting.

Getting to the Point: The Upcycle
Although the renovated building(s) were the main attraction for me, there was another, less grandscale treat: when the waiter brought our check, it was slipped between the pages of a vintage book, entitled Rock Garden Primer, which was exactly that (I found a photo of a waterfall that needs to be copied in my back yard). And of course I wanted to take the tome home because its spine was worn and the book had obviously been properly loved  … but then, another sunny surprise: we discovered patrons had penned notes of gratitude on random pages, giving it the feel of an old school autograph album.

Kudos to Cafe Osage for such perfect, unexpected cleverness. (We’ll have to go back and place another order. I’d love to see what other book titles are in the stacks – don’t you wonder? For instance, I could use a primer on shade plants).

I’m also left pondering what other vintage items could serve as receipt holders. Cheap pocket wallets? Colorful, costume clip earrings? Curled up in china coffee cups? (BTW, alliteration using the letter C is not required … honest, that happened randomly!)

Truth be Told …
Back to the lack of flea market activity: the truth is, I made a wimpy weather call that backfired. While it looked as though thunder and lightning would prevail, the window of beautiful skies, (6 – 10 a.m.), was perfect for fleaping. DRAT. I need to find a decent meteorology website. The kicker is, I had two college kids willing to join me, which makes it all the more disappointing to have skipped the adventure. Flea Wisdom #1293: When you have willing companions, go anyway.

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