Easy Like Sunday Morning

I don’t know how it happened, but, amazingly, I was able to roust Tracy, her son and my daughter for the 5:30 am roadtrip to Wentzville’s flea market. Of course, the two youngsters found some nifty apartment decor and of course, we spoiled them by picking up the tab so they’ll join us again sometime (RulesoftheFleaHunt #347: The more converts, the less complaints).

Most of my usual fave dealers made an appearance, along with some interesting new ones. Two women friends with a loaded flatbed truck were fun (as I pick up a gilt mirror to show Tracy how wonderfully inexpensive it is: “Is that mirror priced too high? We don’t really know what we’re doing. Tell me if it’s too high, okay?” Wow, what a shtick!) A new booth overflowing with vintage, nicked and faded oil paintings set the decorating imagination afire, along with a woman who sold me a cool old black trunk of a hand-carry size (reminds me of The Music Man) and a set of glassware she wrapped tightly in newsprint (she explained: her hometown newspaper sells end rolls. She bought a bunch but now she doesn’t visit there anymore and she’s down to two rolls and wondering what she’ll do next for packing because newspaper with INK on it is too messy. Agreed.) In fact, we saw a fair number of trunks today (is this a new trend?) that were interesting … including a large red one sporting cute brass wheels. (why don’t they all?) Some old railroad gear was a welcome change of pace, too.

Sarah snagged a rocking chair that inspires contemplation, Brian found a classic mirror featuring Anheuser-Busch advertising, I pounced on a handful of wonderful old necklaces to refashion and Tracy snagged a great summer shoulder bag that eventually came in handy for holding smaller purchases. I also bought (not one or two, but…) three crystal lamps, all for one very affordable (i.e., cheap) price. I’m contemplating creating a forest of them, since I already have one at home still seeking a proper place to light up. Of course, I could resell them … but they’re so pretty.

To our delight, Backwoods “Hobo” Jack was on his stool, guitar in hand and harp in mouth, but in between songs he ran his own booth this time. He just gets more interesting.

After hitting two sales by Davis Place Antiques and Estate Sales (by far the best in St Louis) on the way home, most of us were ready for a pre-afternoon nap – a sign of satisfaction, if not a lack of strong-enough coffee.

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  1. I love this! I have a rocker like the one Sara picked up. It was my maternal grandma’s. It was covered in orange and brown 70’s checked herculon fabric. I recovered it with a themed-throw that went with my room at the time. I plan to recover it again this summer, in something different. Thanks for sharing this. I almost felt like I was there!

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