Back in the Saddle

After many months, finally reunited with Sarah from Seattle, my longlost-antiquer-fleabitten-pal. We chased down deals at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur and South County Antique Mall, both in the St. Louis area. Full disclosure: I maintain (using this word loosely!) a booth at the CCMall, but … idiocy disclosure … for all the pics I snapped, I didn’t take one photo of my own shtuff to show you. #FAIL.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I enjoyed a fabulously long afternoon feeding our fleasouls and catching up on actuallifedrama. What’s great about antiquing with this pal from way back is that often the things we hold up to admire or mock have some meaning from the old days, meaning lots of laughs and “ohirememberthat!”s. Plus, two sets of eyes are always better than one; what I happen to miss, she finds for me – because she knows my collections and weaknesses – and vice versa. (Which also results in a higher tab at checkout; best to ignore this fact.)

Gallery below is from the Antique Mall of  Creve Coeur.

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