Eureka! ~ for Antiques (not Six Flags)

Having a garage sale wasn’t enough on Saturday (even with temps reaching 100 degrees) … after selling enough stuff (and once my kind husband had taken leftovers to Goodwill), it was time to reload.

Headed out to Eureka, Mo., with a pal, Tracy, to one of our fave spots: The Great Midwest Antique Mall. The website boasts 20,000 square feet of unique antiques; if it ain’t so, it sure feels huge. Lots of variety, from newish (ugh) to really wonderful jewelry, primitives, glassware – pretty much whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find here. (Lots of guy stuff, too). Tracy and I particularly love a couple of booths with kitschy kitchen decor displayed smartly. She found a fun set of flamingo tea glasses to give as “inside joke” gifts. I’m playing around with jewelry, pulling necklaces apart and refashioning them; in several booths, I found some fun chains and pendants for creating new masterpieces.

While digging through a case, we chatted with Patty who is both a dealer and salesperson at the mall and most helpful. She insisted on wrapping a small plate I bought, despite my protestations that I would remember it was in the bag if she didn’t. (She was right, of course. Otherwise, I would surely have forgotten and regrettably clunked it on a counter. How did she know?)

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