Coffee, Sunrises, Fleas

It’s nigh on summer in the Midwest and that means more opportunities for Sunday morning flea market excursions, random road trips involving antique malls, estate sales, a yard sale if we must, perhaps a visit to a bustling farmer’s market or to an especially interesting (or cheap) resale shop.

‘Tis the collecting season in full swing and all that it really requires is a full tank of gas, a thermos of hot coffee, a camera for glorious sunrise shots over that foggy river and to capture those things you love but can’t buy, a friendly companion (though not required if your peeps can’t roll as early as you) and an insatiable curiosity about most things vintage, funky and fabulous.

Ready? I’ve got one foot out the door …

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One response to “Coffee, Sunrises, Fleas

  1. ronniegaubatz

    I am excited to follow FleaLines, virtually by way of this blog site or even better, let me tag along on the adventure some day. I make great coffee and can roll out early.

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